About Me

Who am I

Hello, I am Gavin. I live in Beijing, China with my family. I am writing code and build stuff on internet to feed myself. In 1996, the first time I touched a computer in  printing office of high school. Since then, I have been addicted to computers, learning computer started being a thing in my life. My first programming language was LOGO, which control a tortoise move on screen to draw lines.  Several years later, I joined  SINA.com as a system engineer and started my career.  I really love FreeBSD, not just FreeBSD was original UNIX, also because the document was extremely good and well organised. I also spend a lot of time to understand OS Kernel, Network, Database and System Architecture. Python is my favourite programming language,  I am also good at PHP.

More or less I am an experienced software developer or system architect and interest in engineering of software development. Tools and methods are very important within develop process. Draw clean digram, write good document, share knowledge and motivation to solve problem are also significant soft-skills.

I blog for many years, mostly are records of my life and some notes of software development. At the beginning, this site built by Movable Type, later I switched to WordPress caused by Movabe Type was slowly developed.


The easiest way to contact me is email, here is my email address: khsing.cn@gmail.com. I also tweet to blame the world, here is my twitter @khsing.