昨天Apple发布了10.5.6的更新,更新过了之后,打开Mail.app就Crash了,可能是GPGMail Plug-in引起的。GPGMail的动作还真是快,马上就发布了针对10.5.6的修正版。赞一个~

Nov 16, 2008 – GPGMail & 10.5 (Leopard)
GPGMail doesn’t work yet on 10.5, and can’t work as-is. I’m currently working on the port, and published a beta version. Please subscribe to gpgmail-users mailing list to get informed about issues. Final release will come out… later.
IMPORTANT: You need at least GPGMail d55 since MacOS X 10.5.6; previous versions of GPGMail will crash Mail.


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