activate, archive, build, cat, cd, checksum, clean, compact, configure,
contents, deactivate, dependents, deps, destroot, dir, distcheck, dmg,
dpkg, echo, ed, edit, exit, extract, fetch, file, gohome, help, info,
install, installed, lint, list, livecheck, location, mdmg, mirror, mpkg,
outdated, patch, pkg, provides, quit, rpm, search, selfupdate, srpm,
submit, sync, test, trace, unarchive, uncompact, uninstall, upgrade,
url, usage, variants, version, work


all, current, active, inactive, installed, uninstalled, and outdated.


port -d selfupdate #升级macport, 如同:cd /usr/ports && make update
port install xxx #安装xxx软件, 如同:cd /usr/ports/kkk/xxx && make install
port upgrade outdated #升级所有已过时的软件,作用如portupgrade -a
port installed #列出已经安装的软件,如pkg_info
port search xxx #列出与xxx条件相符的软件,如cd /usr/ports/ && make search name=xxx

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